Item# A-221


Rancho Coyamito (La Fortuna Claim),
Sierra del Gallego, Mun. de Ahumada,
Chihuahua, Mexico

SIZE:  1 1/2" x 7/8"

PRICE: $40.00

Description: Nice monocentric specimen with good color and banding.

This Coyamito agate has been waiting a long, long time to be cut and polished! During the early 1960's Dana's aunt Pat was a newlywed and just getting into lapidary as well.  Her husband, "Speck" made a trip to Mexico and ended up purchasing over 45 lbs. of Mexican agate, 90% being Coyamito, Laguna and Monteczuma all in whole nodules. Pat ended up getting involved in other pursuits and eventually the agate nodules found themselves lost in her enormous barn, along with many other treasures. When Dana and I became interested in minerals in 1991, Pat mentioned to us that she had boxes of agates and "rocks" somewhere out in that barn and that we should go looking for them sometime. Needless to say, years and years went by without us looking and the agates gathered more and more dust. This past summer a major fire burned through Calaveras Co., and we were forced to evacuate to Dana's family in Gardnerville, NV. Pat invited us over to look for the agates and after climbing deep into the dark and dusty upper loft and following a trail of scattered lapidary supplies, behold, WHOLE UNGRADED MEXICAN AGATE NODULES! Seeing clean whole nodules by the dozen was a real thrill and Pat thought we were crazy for getting so excited! This particular piece was cut and polished in September, 2015.