Item# M-230

GOETHITE Pseudomorph After GYPSUM

Santa Eulalia District,
Mun. de Aquiles Serdan,
Chihuahua, Mexico

Size: 6 1/2" x 5"                      Price: $350.00

Description:   This is one of those old, Mexican classics! An elegant large specimen of lustrous, black botryoidal goethite forming casts after blocky gypsum crystals. The botryoidal overgrowths extend beaneath the piece as well, thus obscuring some of the hollow casts, though there are many others that are visible. To add even more interest and beauty to the piece there is a secondary growth of glassy of drusy gypsum coating the front surface adding much sparkle! The specimen is absolutely flawless and complete all around and the back is as just as pretty a display as the front. Excellent old classic piece in a large museum size!

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